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Wind Ensemble
MUEN 1108/5008

The Baylor University Wind Ensemble is the premier wind band of the Baylor School of Music and has been praised as "one of the flagship programs in our state, and because of that, the nation."

Symphonic Band
MUEN 1103/5003

The Baylor University Symphonic Band is comprised of advanced musicians (both music majors and non-music majors) selected from auditions held during the week prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Concert Band
MUEN 1109/5009

Meeting twice a week in the spring semester and comprised of students from all facets of university life, this ensemble provides students the opportunity to continue instrumental performance at an enjoyable and accomplished level.

Baylor Jazz Ensemble
MUEN 1106.02/5006.02

The Baylor Jazz Ensemble provides students with the opportunity to play and perform music from a wide range of styles and musical eras, from the classic selections of the Swing Era to the cutting-edge big band compositions of today.

Concert Jazz Ensemble
MUEN 1106.01/5006.01

The Concert Jazz Ensemble provides students with the opportunity to play and perform music from a wide range of styles and musical eras, from the classic selections of the Swing Era to the cutting-edge big band compositions of today.

Golden Wave Band
MUEN 1102.01

Comprised of approximately 300 members, The Golden Wave is the largest student musical organization at Baylor University and stands as an icon of campus tradition.

Courtside Players
MUEN 1010/5050

The Baylor University Courtside Players provides musical entertainment to thousands of basketball and volleyball fans across the nation.


A Cappella Choir
MUEN 1100/5002

The Baylor A Cappella Choir is the flagship choral ensemble at Baylor University. Selected by competitive audition, the choir combines some of the most advanced singers at Baylor, both music majors and non-music majors, and focuses on cultivating meaningful fellowship and rich, artistic singing.

Bella Voce
MUEN 1193/5093

Baylor Bella Voce is a highly selective women’s ensemble comprised primarily of undergraduate and graduate music majors, but is also open to non-music majors. 

Chamber Singers
MUEN 1105/5005

Comprised of around 20 of Baylor’s finest singers, this elite chamber choir focuses on developing choral artistry and a high level of musical fluency through mastery of a wide variety of repertoire—from the Renaissance through modern works—preparing young singers for future professional careers in singing and teaching.

Concert Choir
MUEN 1107/5007

The Baylor University Concert Choir performs music from all style periods of the choral repertoire. This mixed choir has developed a strong reputation of choral excellence, and regularly delights audiences in community performances and statewide venues.

Men's Choir
MUEN 1121/5021

The Baylor University Men’s Choir is open by audition to all male students on the Baylor University campus. The BUMC meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am to 12:15pm for one university credit-hour.

Women's Choir
MUEN 1124/5024

The Baylor University Women's Choir is a community of singers dedicated to the four pillars of Diversity, Virtue, Harmony, and Musicianship. Annual performances include the Family Weekend Choral Concert, fall and spring concerts, and A Baylor Christmas.

MUEN 1122/5022

Founded in August of 2012, VirtuOSO is the premier pop/a cappella/vocal jazz ensemble at Baylor. Devoted to creativity, variety, and excellence, this group performs arrangements ranging from four to fourteen parts, most written in-house by students, graduates, or their director, supplying every component using only their voices.

Specialty Ensembles

Chamber Groups
Winds, Strings, Percussion, Jazz

An extensive chamber music program is a central element of instrumental study at Baylor. The demands of one-on-a-part performing experiences are vigorous growth as music makers.

Early Music
MUEN 1120/5020

The Baylor Early Music Ensembles, under the direction of Dr. Jann Cosart, perform music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Eras. Cultural contexts and historical performance practices are explored in the rich musical repertoires of our past.

MUEN 1125/5025

The Baylor Bronze Handbell Ensemble has students with varied ringing experience. Although this is not an auditioned ensemble, those interested in joining the group should have some experience ringing handheld instruments.

Bands, Combos, and Studies

The Wayne Fisher Jazz Program features two big bands, the Baylor Jazz Ensemble and the Concert Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and academic jazz studies in theory and improvisation.

New Music

Students regularly get the opportunity to perform and hear new music in all of the many ensembles offered at Baylor (large and small).

Baylor Percussion Group
MUEN 1133

The Baylor Percussion Group (BPG) is the Percussion Department's primary performance ensemble and annually presents concerts of the most significant percussion works of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Baylor Opera Theatre trains performers in basic skill sets to perform as a singular artist and soloist; through practical application in staging, music rehearsals and specialized lectures.

World Music

Students taking courses such as Music in World Cultures and Traditional Music and Culture in Latin America engage in music making (hands-on experiments), including class sessions focusing on African and Middle Eastern drumming, and South American instrumental and vocal music.